Solar-Powered Brewing

Village Brewing

We brew our beer with, hops, grains, water, and sunlight!

Yes, we said sunlight. We are lucky to be members of the West Acton Villageworks community where our solar array produces over 160,000 kwh of electricity annually.  This solar energy is used to power all of the common areas in the Villageworks complex and our brewers get to use their SHARE to power our chiller, pumps, compressors, lights, control units, basically everything that lives within the four walls of the brewery itself (not the entire True West Restaurant).  Villageworks and our brewery is covered with over 100 solar panels that work daily to transform golden sunshine into beer!

Visit the brewery to see our 100% American custom-made brewing equipment by Tigpro Stainless Fabrication in Portland, Maine. Take a tour or watch through the large windows as Scott brews on our 10 barrel brewhouse. And of course, have a pint – directly from our serving tanks to your glass.


Wines and Cocktails

True West also offers a great selection of wines and house-made specialty cocktails