Solar-Powered Brewing

Village Brewing

We brew our beer with, hops, grains, water, and sunlight!

Yes, we said sunlight. We are lucky to be members of the West Acton Villageworks community where our solar array produces over 160,000 kwh of electricity annually.  This solar energy is used to power all of the common areas in the Villageworks complex and our brewers get to use their SHARE to power our chiller, pumps, compressors, lights, control units, basically everything that lives within the four walls of the brewery itself (not the entire True West Restaurant).  Villageworks and our brewery is covered with over 100 solar panels that work daily to transform golden sunshine into beer!

Visit the brewery to see our 100% American custom-made brewing equipment by Tigpro Stainless Fabrication in Portland, Maine. Take a tour or watch through the large windows as Scott brews on our 10 barrel brewhouse. And of course, have a pint – directly from our serving tanks to your glass.


Our Beers

HopShine Series: El Dorado

Pale Ale 3.9 SRM 40 5.9%

The first beer in our HopShine series that will focus on a single hop variety. In this series the grainbill will remain the same for all of the beers and we will only change the hop variety. In this case we used El Dorado hops, which give a piney, resinous aroma and bitterness paired with melon aromas and flavors (think honeydew). Very light malt flavor to help the hops shine through. Stay tuned for our next offering!


American IPA 3.3 SRM 69 7.3%

A light golden colored IPA with brilliant clarity. The judicious use of Mosaic and Amarillo hops give dank aromas of resin and pine sap mixed with tropical fruit aromas of mango and papaya that assault your senses. A firm, but smooth, bitterness is balanced by a slight hint of sweet malt flavor with grassy notes on the finish. This beer will cause a ruckus in your mouth, and should satisfy the hophead in everyone!

Fuego Sunset

Red IPA 14.0 SRM 65 6.5%

This Red IPA is made primarily with malted barley from Patagonia. The use of medium and dark crystal malts give this beer a deep copper color with flavors and aromas of caramel and toasted malt. Massive amounts of a new German hop called Hallertau Huell Melon give subtle flavors of strawberry and melon, along with an assertive bitterness that lasts well into the finish.

Campfire Session

Smoked Porter 56.1 SRM 31 6.1%

A dark, robust porter made with a large portion of smoked malt that gives this beer a smoky, bacon aroma and flavor. Aromas of bittersweet chocolate, bacon, smoky ham, and leather greet your senses while the same flavors dance across your tongue. This beer is served on nitro for a creamy texture and smooth finish.

Colonial GOLD

Golden Ale 4.6 SRM 28 4.2%

Our Golden Ale is an incredibly drinkable craft beer that features a light malt flavor with a slight biscuity note. All hop additions, made within the last 15 mins of the boil, impart a smooth bitterness and create subtle citrus and pine aromas. A good choice for craft beer enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Consider it True West’s way of easing you into the wonderful world of locally made craft beer.

A-Maize- ing Ale (Nitro)

Cream Ale 4.1 SRM 17 5.3%

This beer features a grainy malt sweetness in the forefront with a very tiny amount of hop bitterness as a backnote. A corn-like sweetness and smoothness is very evident and also enhanced by the Nitro pour. With its light malt flavor and minimal hop presence, this beer is a very approachable beer for those that want something simple.

Walden Pond Wit

Belgian Wit 3.0 SRM 17 5.1%

An unfiltered Belgian style wheat beer that pours a golden straw color with and cloudy appearance from yeast in suspension and the use of unmalted wheat. Aromas of bittersweet and sweet orange zest/peel greet the senses with a slight spicy note in the background from the use of coriander. A very thirst quenching beer for the summer months. If you want an orange slice, just ask!

The Unique Trappist

Trappist Single 6.0 SRM 29 5.4%

A simple beer historically made by Cistercian monks to be an everyday drinker. Very fruit forward (think banana and pear) with a slight spiciness from traditional “noble” hops and Belgian yeast. Very light bodied with high carbonation and creamy mouthfeel. Very refreshing on a hot summer’s night.

Wines and Cocktails

True West also offers a great selection of wines and house-made specialty cocktails